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Natural leathers from fox, finn raccoon, raccoon

For lovers of real fur, we offer tanned whole fur skins. Hides are often used by manufacturers of fur hats, coats, collars, bedspreads and other accessories. The most popular furs include raccoon, fox, coyote, lynx, raccoon, mink, otter, beaver, muskrat, rabbit and sheepskins. Natural fur is great for adding a bit of original decor or for creating fur hats, collars or your own individual projects.

The skins of foxes, raccoons and raccoon have long fascinated people with their extraordinary beauty and usefulness. Let's explore the fascinating world of fox fur, revealing the beauty and unique features of this fur. Fox fur has a rich history and cultural significance, as well as a variety of fashion and design uses. So let's follow the different types of foxes and their fur, the process of obtaining fox skins and the environmental impact of fur production.

The history and cultural significance of fox and raccoon fur

Fox fur has a long history associated with different cultures around the world. In some traditions and mythology, foxes are considered magical creatures and their furs are considered symbols of wisdom and cunning. In some cultures, fox furs were used as ornaments and status symbols. For centuries, fox fur has also been valued for its warm and soft fibers, which provide excellent insulation in winter conditions.

Different types of foxes and their fur - silver fox, white fox, red fox

There are many different species of foxes in the world, and each one has a unique coat. Examples are the red fox, the silver fox and many others. The red fox is a common species and has a characteristic red fur color. The silver fox, on the other hand, has a beautiful, silvery fur that is highly valued in the fur industry. There are also many other fox species, with a variety of fur shades such as black, white, and gold.

The process of obtaining fox skins

The process of obtaining fox skins is complicated and requires specialist knowledge and skills. The most important aspect of this process is the humane and responsible treatment of animals. Fox pelts can be sourced in a variety of ways, including whole skins and furs. Whole pelts of e.g. red foxes are harvested by culling foxes to control populations and minimize damage to wildlife. The hides are then processed using specialized techniques to preserve their natural beauty and quality.

Unique features and characteristics of fox fur

Fox fur has many unique characteristics that make it so valued in the fur industry. First of all, fox fur is extremely soft and dense, which makes it very pleasant to the touch. Fox fur also has excellent insulating properties, which means it keeps you warm and protects you from the cold. In addition, fox fur is flexible and wear-resistant, making it durable and hard-wearing. Another unique feature of fox fur is its natural color and pattern, which add charm and character to each product made of this material.

The use of fox fur in fashion and design

Fox fur has been used in fashion and design for centuries. It is a luxurious material that adds elegance and exclusivity to every outfit. Fox fur is often used to make high-quality coats, jackets and fashion accessories such as handbags and hats. Modern fashion designers appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of fox fur, creating modern and stylish designs from it. Fox fur is also used in interior design, adding a luxurious touch to furniture and decorations.

Saga Furs: A leader in the fox and raccoon fur industry

Saga Furs is one of the leading players in the fox fur industry. This company is known for the production of the highest quality fox skins and furs, which are appreciated by fashion designers around the world. Saga Furs also places great emphasis on sustainability and the ethical treatment of animals. Their fox pelts are responsibly sourced and processed using state-of-the-art technology to ensure high quality and durability.

Taking care of fox fur: Care and maintenance of fox fur products

To maintain the beauty and durability of fox fur products, it is necessary to care for them properly. First of all, fox fur should be stored in the right conditions, away from sunlight and moisture. In the case of dirt, they should be gently cleaned using specialized cleaning agents that are intended for the care of fur skins. It is also important to brush the fur regularly to keep it soft and smooth. If necessary, you can use the services of a professional fur groomer who will carry out the maintenance and repair of fox fur products.

We invite you to discover the fascinating world of natural fox and raccoon skins

If you are interested in the fascinating world of fox skins, we invite you to explore this topic further. Fox fur has a lot to offer, both aesthetically and practically. That is why it is worth exploring this topic and appreciating the beauty and usefulness of fox fur.

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