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Women's wool hats with a fur pompom, perfect for the autumn and winter season

The foxfurfashion.com online store offers a wide selection of hats with a fox or raccoon fur pompom. This is a modern version of the very well-known headgear. In the modern version, the hat is more modern and stylish, thanks to the use of this seemingly inconspicuous fur decoration. It's just that in this case, this little detail determines the appearance of the whole.

All our products are made of fox fur supplied by reliable suppliers. We choose them carefully, because we want to be sure that they are of high quality. Only then are they thick and fluffy enough.

Natural fur pompom hats

Our store's assortment includes a black, silver and white fox fur pompom hat. Each variant looks equally interesting. The soft yarn adapts well to the shape of the head and provides warmth even on very cold days. The applied stitch not only decorates, but also protects the cap from stretching. The fur pompom is attached with a press stud. It can be unfastened before washing and thus protected from damage.

The fur pompom in combination with different colors of yarn gains a completely new face. Therefore, before making the final decision, it is worth reviewing all available offers. Perhaps the favorite will be a set consistently maintained in light or dark tones. Or maybe it is the contrasting combination that will catch the eye? The offer is so rich that every lady will find a hat that will perfectly match her tastes.

A woolen hat with a fur pompom is your must-have!

Wool hats are cool, but a wool hat with a fur pompom is even cooler. This addition on a hat may seem redundant, but sometimes a pom-pom hat is just what you need to cheer yourself up on a cold winter's day. These hats, made of high-quality wool and natural fur, know how to keep you warm all day long. Made from the highest quality materials such as merino wool, lambswool and even handmade yarn, your head will stay warm and look great. These hats are also lined with plain fleece, microfleece or a second layer of yarn to further combat the cold winter days.

With fabrics in bold colors, floral prints and classic hues, you're sure to find a hat that's perfect for your personal taste. A wool hat with a fur pompom gives you a sophisticated style while keeping up with your active lifestyle.

Winter hat with a pompom - a historical curiosity

A winter hat with a pompom, although it may appear to be just a fashionable addition to the winter wardrobe, has its roots in practical and historical considerations.

The first mentions of winter hats with pompoms date back to the 18th century when French sailors began wearing such hats on their ships. The pompom on the hat wasn't just an ornament; it also had a practical purpose. The primary goal of the pompom was to protect the sailor's head from hitting the ceiling during a storm. The elongated pompom kept the hat high enough so that it didn't reach the cabin ceiling, thus safeguarding the head from injuries.

Today, winter hats with pompoms are, of course, more of a fashion statement, but it's still interesting to remember their original purpose - protecting the head and ears from the cold. A properly chosen and warm hat with a pompom can serve not only as a stylish addition to the winter outfit but also as effective protection against low temperatures.

A hat with a raccoon pompom - the perfect choice for winter days

A hat with a raccoon pompom is a unique and luxurious accessory that not only perfectly protects against the cold, but also adds elegance and style to your winter wardrobe. The raccoon dog is known for its soft and warm fur, which makes it an excellent material for producing pompoms on hats. Additionally, the raccoon dog is an animal of exceptional beauty, which makes hats with its fur not only practical, but also designer. It is worth investing in such a hat to enjoy not only comfort on cold days, but also unique style and luxury. Discover our collection of hats with a raccoon pompom and feel the unique elegance now!

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