How to care for fur products? Directions for use and storage

Fur is an organic material, therefore it will not last forever. However, there are ways to maximise its lifespan and keep it in good condition for a long time. Thanks to the appropriate care, storage and proper use fur can last for generations. The most important part of the care of the fur is its proper storage and keeping it in good condition. Without this fur will dry out much more quickly and be susceptible to damage.


- give your fur enough space in the closet, fur can not be crushed while hanging or lying on the shelf

- coats, jackets and vests made of fur always hang on a broad-shouldered hanger (never on a wire hanger), thick ends of the hanger nicely profile shoulders of fur clothes

- never storage fur products in a plastic bag, except in transport. Plastic prevents air circulation and can dry out the fur and skin. It is recommended to use bag of natural materials (preferably made of cotton or linen). Fur needs to breathe to stay in good condition.

- if fur gets wet shake it out and hang to dry in a well-ventilated room. Keep it away from direct heat such as radiators, fireplaces and hair dryers, it can cause both fur and leather to dry out. After it is dry, shake it again. It is acceptable to brush gently fur with comb with long, thin and sharp teeth

- do not use chemicals against moths (eg. mothballs) - these substances weaken the structure of the hair, it becomes fragile and may fall out, so the fur becomes thinner and loses its fluffiness, it is the best to use natural substances against moths (lavender, lemon zest, etc.)

- avoid leaving the fur hanging in a bright place, light can cause the change of colour

- if it is possible, keep fur in a cool, dark place


- avoid intense smell (especially perfume and cigarette smoke) fur easily absorbs flavors, which later is very difficult to get rid of, never spray perfume directly on fur

- small rips or tears repair immediately by the furrier, this will prevent more expensive repairs later

- do not pin jewellery on the fur, this may damage a hair

- avoid chemicals (especially hair spray, aerosols or mothballs), in particular do not spray it directly on the fur, chemicals weaken the hair structure and can damage the fur

- do not iron the fur, high temperatures can destroy the hair

- do not iron the lining, it can lead to permanent damage of the fur product

- cleaning, maintenance and renovation always order it to specialized firms (never clean the fur in dry cleaning)

- when lining is dirty ask furrier to replace it, there is no need to clean the whole fur product

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