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A handbag is a must-have element of women's clothing. It must not only accommodate everything that every woman needs, but above all, look beautiful. Only at FOX store you will find fashionable and original handbags made of raccoon fur, silver fox, red fox, black, white and many other colors. Fur messenger bags, fur chests, classic fur handbags with hooks or fur bags as well as fur muff-bags are our propositions for the upcoming season.

Our store makes sure to create as many choices as possible. We want every woman to be able to find a product tailored to her tastes. You can choose a handbag depending on its color, the type of fur it is made of or the way it is worn. A fur bag with a classic cut with a hook or a fur bag can be worn freely on the shoulder. A fur messenger bag looks best when it is slung over the shoulder. On the other hand, a fur chest is an ideal proposition for women who like to carry a handbag in the crook of their elbow.

Regardless of the chosen cut, you can be sure that a fur handbag will be an original addition to any styling. A fur bag will make you look fashionable and will certainly make you stand out from the crowd.

The beauty of fur handbags for women

Fur handbags are one of the most elegant and stylish options for any woman who wants to emphasize her class and sophistication. There are handbags that are both practical and beautiful, perfect for evening outings, but also for everyday use.

Fur handbags have been popular for hundreds of years. In ancient times, fur bags were used as food containers and tools, but over time they came to be worn as a fashion accessory. In the Middle Ages, fur handbags were very popular among the aristocracy, and in the Renaissance they became a symbol of wealth and social status. In the 19th century, fur handbags began to be worn by women in large cities in Europe and the United States. In those days, fur was considered a luxury material and was very expensive. However, over time, thanks to the development of animal production and breeding technology, fur handbags have become more accessible to average people.

One of the biggest advantages of fur handbags is their stylish look. Fur adds elegance and glamor to any styling, and also emphasizes the class and sophistication of the woman wearing it. In addition, fur handbags are very durable and resistant to damage, which means that they can be worn for many years. They are also very practical, because the fur provides protection against cold, rain and wind. In particular, we recommend our timeless raccoon fur bag.

How to care for fur handbags

Fur handbags require special care and maintenance to keep their beautiful appearance for many years. Here are some ways to take care of your fur handbags:

  • Store them in the right place - fur handbags should be stored in a dry and ventilated place, away from sources of heat and sunlight.
  • Don't store them in plastic bags - fur bags should be stored in cotton bags to allow them to breathe.
  • Avoid contact with water and chemicals - fur handbags should be protected from moisture and chemicals that can damage the fur.
  • Remove stains as soon as possible - If there are any stains on your fur handbag, they should be removed as soon as possible to avoid more difficult stain removal in the future.
  • Clean the fur regularly - fur handbags should be cleaned regularly by professional professionals who know how to properly care for fur.

Fur handbags as an elegant and stylish accessory

Fur handbags are very elegant and stylish, but they need the right combination to look really beautiful. Here are some tips on how to style fur handbags:

  • Wearing for evening outings - Fur handbags are perfect to wear for evening outings, paired with an elegant dress or skirt.
  • Wearing for everyday styling - fur handbags can also be worn for everyday styling, in combination with jeans and a blouse or sweater.
  • Matching colors - when choosing a fur handbag, pay attention to its color and match it to the colors of the outfit.
  • Avoiding excessive accessories - fur handbags are already a decoration in themselves, so avoid excessive accessories, such as large earrings or necklaces.
  • Matching shoes - when choosing shoes, pay attention to their color and style to match the fur handbag.

The timeless beauty of fur handbags

Fur handbags are one of the most elegant and stylish accessories for every woman. Their timeless appearance makes them perfect for women who value class, style and elegance. Regardless of whether they are worn for evening outings or for everyday styling, fur handbags will always look beautiful and elegant.

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