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Women's Mink Fur Roller Hat

Women's Mink Fur Roller Hat

Price €121.14
Very warm and stylish winter roller hat made of high quality genuine mink fur. Its universal roller shape gives fur toque elegant and fashionable...

Women's fox fur hats, finn raccoon

Women's hats made of fox, finn raccoon, mink and rabbit fur - the basis of a woman's wardrobe

In our store you can buy extremely fluffy fur hats for women. They look very flattering, and more importantly, they effectively protect against frost on winter days. A hat made of silver and red foxes is very popular. There is also a black and white color version of this headgear. They are an alternative for ladies who appreciate classic elegance and simplicity. In this coloring, they will match any styling.

Our store takes care to create as many options as possible. We want everyone to be able to find a product tailored to their liking. That is why our offer also includes a stylish fur hat made of natural raccoon. This is a proposal for women who like to catch the eye. It is a hat made of long-haired fur, thanks to which it looks quite spectacular.

Russian fur hat

The fox and raccoon headwear we offer come in several different styles. Thanks to this, each of the ladies can choose the variant that best suits her style or beauty. Women's long-eared hat, the so-called papacha, is a tribute to the military style. For a long time, long-eared ears were reserved only for men. Noteworthy is the incredibly feminine toque and the original hat with a pompom.
The price of each of the products is extremely reasonable, taking into account that they are made of fur that comes from certified farms, and therefore meets the highest quality standards.

Explore the different types of fur for your fur hat

Have you ever wondered what distinguishes fox fur from raccoon fur or are you curious about how rabbit fur compares to mink fur? We've put together a helpful overview of the different types of fur we offer, describing the features, look and feel of each so you know exactly what you're buying.

Rabbit fur: Ultra silky and soft, warm, light, naturally long-haired, can be sheared

Rabbit fur is extremely popular thanks to its heavenly softness, beauty, versatility and affordable price. Wonderfully light and warm, the rabbit fur has a medium length pile and can be worn in its natural longhair form or trimmed for a sportier look. It can be easily dyed to give it a unique look or to resemble more expensive furs such as chinchilla. Rex rabbit fur from France is particularly silky and dense to the touch, similar to sheared mink. Rex rabbit fur, developed in France almost 100 years ago, is distinguished by the fact that it does not have distinct guard hairs. Thanks to this, a more silky and dense fur is obtained, which resembles sheared mink.

Raccoon fur: Long, dense, soft, fluffy, warm, beautiful coloration, ideal for hats, collars and hems

Soft, dense and fluffy raccoon fur, thanks to its unique coloration and fantastic elasticity, is suitable for great collars, hoods and cuffs. Thanks to its long hair, the raccoon dog offers great warmth and is quite durable if cared for properly. Sometimes it is characterized by a black tip of the hair.

Fox fur: fluffy, full, warm, plush yet lightweight, long, shiny, perfect for hats, collars and hems

Another extremely popular fur is luxurious fox fur. With its long, shiny hair, the fox is wonderfully fluffy and perfect for fashionable finishing on collars, cuffs, hats, headbands - anything you want. Fox fur is wonderfully warm and beautiful. Fox fur has an extremely wide range of natural colors and can also be dyed in different colors for stylistic effect.

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